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Who do I start? Kennan Allen or


Keenan Allen or Ted Ginn? I drafted Allen to start, and its PPR. I love Keenan Allen even against DEN. What do you think?


Honestly love them both this year, but week 1… Allen coming off injury, it’s still up to you, but I’m waiting out week 1 seeing how he does, love reds Finn this year the number 2 for NO right now with Brees throwing the ball to him instead of Scam Newton, huge difference, still up to you wish I could help more my friend, good luck to ya (I’d personally go Ginn) but I’m a risk taker, if you need safety go Allen if you need flyer cause ur up against a crazy good team… go Ginn


Well I have Julio and Baldwin so he’s my flex, that’s why I’m up in the air. The guy I’m going against had Hunt, and Gilly… and he has Rodgers… so


Damn, I’d go Ginn then, easier matchup, more of a flyer could get two big catches but he has a lower floor, still if he started hunt and gilly… I’d go Ginn man


I agree. ginn has the higher upside based off match ups this week. you have a lot of points to make up and your two starting wrs are solid safe starts.


After last night’s game, I’d go Ginn too. You’ll need to swing for the fence and I think Ginn has a higher ceiling this week. I’m sitting Allen this week for Thielen if that helps out anymore