Who do I start? My RBs suck!

Buck Allen, Derrick Henry, Andre Ellington, or D’onta Foreman?

Currently I’m starting Allen & Henry. Thoughts?

Woof. I need to get some better RBs! :laughing:

I’d go henry for sure… Then allen or deonte…

But yeah you need some better RB ouch :joy:

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In your case I may go with Ellington+Allen. I like d Henry alot but I don’t think this is his week. Miami has been ok against runner, both of the other two guys are satallite backs who will get use in the passing game. If this is ppr it’s not a question for me.

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What’s the rest of you’re roster look like? Is there anything that we can do to package a trade for an improvement in the RB department?
But, you’re best bet as is would be Ellington and Allen.

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The screenshot below shows my current squad. I just traded Thielen for Gillislee FYI so I improved my RB position a bit.

I think I’m set at WR. I have Jones, Smith, Parker, Hogan, & Jackson. I’m willing to trade any of them to get high end RBs. This is also my starting lineup for the week so I’m currently going with Ellington & Allen.

Thanks for the help y’all. Any trade recommendations?

I’d go Ellington and Henry. I like Ellington’s targets out of the backfield and Henry probably gives you the best chance at a TD this week.

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It’s Allen and Ellington for me. I’m curious, who’s on waivers?

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@joey_kilpatrick in terms of RBs or just in general?

Our waiver wire is fairly slim, but not terrible.

Here’s the available RBs…

I agree @NWCizhere about the TD upside, but I also feel like Henry has the lowest floor. Murray could eat up all the carries. Henry is a tough start/sit decision IMO.

But Allen also has a pretty low floor since Collins & West can steal carries.

I’m swimming in a pool of mediocre RBs and it’s tough to know which one to pick :laughing:

I dropped Allen for Collins in almost every league Collins was available. His usage is going up and if he stops fumbling he’ll be their lead back going forward. Baltimore hates Buck Allen. If you want to take a dart throw you could grab Clement. I wouldn’t be very confident but Smallwood is out on Sunday and who knows if they’ll use Blount or Clement.

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Yeah there’s a reason I have Collins “starred”

Hmm, thanks for the thoughts. I’ll do some more research on Collins. Def considering picking him up.

Thanks again @joey_kilpatrick

Allen and Ellington. The latter will profit from a number of dump off’s this weekend imo

Since you have Julio…maybe trade Thomas for a rb/wr combo?