Who do I start? Pick 2

Jordan Howard vs. Packers
Joe Mixon vs. Browns
Chris Carson vs. Colts
Adam Thielen vs. Lions
Chris Hogan vs. Panthers

I feel like it’s barely worth it to include the WRs but thought I would just for the argument’s sake…

Any thoughts? Right now I have Howard and Carson in.

Carson and Thielen for me

So not Howard? I didn’t start him last week (due to his shoulder) and that came back to bite me.

I sat Howard last week and it cost me my matchup. Don’t expect another 30 points, but he has a good matchup and he should be in your lineup. Im starting him this week too. Chris Carson appears to have the whole backfield to himself after Procise went down. Doug Baldwin should play but won’t be 100%, I would pick Carson personally. Im very biased towards RB’s though. Thats a tough one. Id wait for more opinions too, its getting late for Howard though. Good luck.

  1. Howard
  2. Carson
  3. Thielen
  4. Mixon
  5. Hogan

Thanks! He cost me my matchup as well last week… but I do like the matchup