Who do i take with my next pick?

My first year in a dynasty league. I currently have bell and thielen.

Do i go McCoy even doe he is 29? or do i take the young McKinnon?

I just picked badlwin and i am up picking again… who do i take?

TY jsut got picked and its my turn… do i take McKinnon

I go Shady. I take talent over youth all day.

My rule for dynasty is always pick talent first; then, if the guys are in the same tier as each other, take the younger. So, if you see McKinnon in the same tier as Shady, take the youth; if you see Shady as a tier above, take the talent.

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I’d go mckinnen. I’d take the upside RB that has shown he can be good in the NFL. With a coach and GM that hand picked him. The coach has shown that he has the ability to create RB monsters.
Shady is alone in buffalo, and I think he will/turn 30 by the end of the season. Shady feels like he could be (injured) this season. The team probably won’t be very good, and he has a lot of wear and tear on that body. Especially because this is a dynasty startup. Even in a redraft I’d rather have the upside.

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Yea i took McKinnon and fucked up by taking henry with my 3.11 LOL i was sleeping