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Who do u think I should I start


Full ppr need to pick 3 out of these guys…Sony, Chubb, Kerryon, Lat Murray, Drake, Godwin, and Keke


Sony top of the list for me.

Then its a close race between Kerryon/Murray/Chubb.

I would personally play Kerryon + Murray but couldn’t blame you if you picked chubb.


I second what @MikeMeUpp said


Yea Sony a given…I feel like Chubb could run wild finally and I’m torn between kerryon and Murray…Theo Riddick is out so that kinda has me leaning towards kerryon wit the passes he’ll get that Theo usually does…plus he has a easier defensive matchup I feel like but then Blount can vulture all his goaline touches whereas Murray is pretty much the guy and won’t b sharing much at all…


Chubb, Sony, and Kerryon


With it being full ppr blout vulturing TDs could be negated by kj getting the passing work. @jaysmooth


Sony, Chubb and Kerryon


Thanks guys for all ur opinions!