Who do you draft at 5th overall?

My goodness, but that was an awful lot of straining at gnats to prove a point that isn’t even in contention.

Nobody’s arguing that Kelce doesn’t give you a huge 6-8 points per week positional advantage over other TE1s–he does.

The actual fly in the ointment of taking a TE early is that now your Round 1 RB is a Round 2 RB, your Round 2 RB is a Round 3 RB, your Round 3 WR is now a Round 4 WR, your Round 4 WR is now a Round 5 WR, and your Round 5 WR is now a Round 6 WRs. If you lose 1-3 points per week at each of five other starting positions, it starts to gobble up that one positional advantage you have at TE pretty fast.

Sure, you can get lucky and hit on some players later in the draft that outperform their ADPs–or you can use a strategy that doesn’t put you behind the 8 ball from jump.

Wilson is giving Everett glowing reviews. Russell puts up enough numbers to support more than just the two wide outs. Also, the Seahawks new OC used to be TE Coach for the Rams. I’m willing to say that Everett will be given every opportunity to break out as a move TE while the other guys stay in for the run. If you count snaps they may not be there, but routes ran I think he will be adequate to post a low TE1 numbers. I don’t think he’s going to have the volume to do better than that but I am expecting some big plays and drafting that late that’s really what you want is a chance at a TD. I think he has that shot week in/week out.

How’s that top 10 lock of a TE Engram looking for you not suiting up week one. You can’t ignore injuries and injury history. Guess I was ahead of the curve again.

Same as any other top 10 player who misses a game due to injury. After you’ve played fantasy football for a few years, you’ll come to realize that injuries are just a part of the game.

You are the one not factoring it in my friend. Day after he got hurt you were being a smart ass bashing me for saying fade him. You were WRONG.

Time will tell, but right now, Engram’s standing at the end of the season is still a Schroedinger’s Cat.

It’s an easy position to top 10 at but you were telling the guy to pick him up. If he did he’s going to have to do another drop/add, possibly wasted FAAB or waiver priority. Not how you play fantasy.

I was endorsing Engram as a good season-long choice, but yeah, he’s not a startable choice for Week 1. I trust people to understand the difference.

Most teams have IR slots now, so you pick up Engram, stash him on IR, then pick up Firkser for this week and you’re loaded for bear.

Hate to be that guy but the phrase you are trying to turn is “loaded for bare”.

Which bear are you trying to load up for Bear Bryant? Smokey? Yogi??? :slight_smile:

Other than that not a horrible plan. If you are going to stash someone in an IR spot I suppose now before any of your guys get hurt is the right time.

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I really really hope this is just a joke…

Do you go hunting bare? I bet your hunting partners love it…

No, duh, you pack the BIG LOAD when you go hunting BEAR–you’re LOADED FOR BEAR!

Now please tell me the joke is on me and you were just having me on, 'cause otherwise, it’s gonna be kind of hard to show your face for a while…

Thanks for the music video.

Oh well. If I make a mistake at least I can own up to it.

Must be nice to never, ever be wrong like you. :slight_smile:

Must be even better to not even be able to admit it when you are.

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It is pretty cool.

I hope I’m not that kind of a person, should I ever turn out to be wrong on something.

Great, good luck with all of your undefeated fantasy teams.

If they all go undefeated, I won’t need luck.

Even the league winners don’t go unbeaten so, yeah I think you are going to need a little if you assume you won’t lose, unless it’s like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer is really good at martial arts… because he’s competing against a class full of kids.

As long as they are old enough to plop down their $250, Axe Elf does not discriminate against donors of any age.

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