Who do you have more faith in?

Gotta start one in place of D. Adams…Corey Davis or Jonnu Smith. 1/2 ppr who do I take a shot on?

Isn’t it considered bad strategy to start two tight ends? I’m not saying you can’t, but it’s risky. I know they’re kind of even, but I’d say start Davis.

My league has TE as only options. So there are your standard starts and then one RB/Wr/te slot and one W/T

Im going to lean towards Corey Davis. Min has given plenty to Wrs over the past two weeks. (not really enough data but still) but with AJ out sure.

So you don’t have a TE slot? O.K. Well FF has Corey as a plus 2 in projected points, so he still has the edge. Another website has Davis ahead in a flex comparison with Smith. So I’d say Davis.