Who do you like more Lev Bell or Kamara?

So I got into a very in depth discussion with a friend over who we think is better. I think it’s Bell just based on how he was performed and is a very good pass catcher but then he will talk about how Kamara had a really good back half season (and ill admit he had a very good one) and this year without ingram. Who do you guys think is better?

You need to test your friend for drugs cause if we’re talking about fantasy there’s really no debate unless Kamara is the greatest RB of all time.

Is this dynasty or redraft.

If redraft, its Bell by a mile.

If dynasty, I’m taking Kamara.

If you’re talking pure ability/skill, it’s bell by a mile again.

lol Thats what I thought. He has a very opportunistic view of Kamaras season coming up.

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I mean I guess there’s reason to worry about bell (guys tend to break down after 400 touch seasons, and he’s had several), but injury is the only way this is close in my mind. Bell’s volume is just so much higher.

Lev Bell, easily.

Kamara truthers tend to ignore that he performed well above what can be considered sustainable against NFL defenses, and despite Ingram missing games, Kamara can’t be relied on to have the same volume. Bell is locked into 350 touches, Kamara may have 250; it’s not close for fantasy value…

Unless your drafting dynasty as others have mentioned.

Pretty much going to repeat everyone else, Bell by a mile and I’m a huge Kamara fan considering I’m in Tennessee and got to see him in college a lot. You should take him in a dynasty league for sure just due to pure age and his legs are still fresh. Other than that Bell dominates

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I’m having a hard enough time choosing Kamara in the 13th round over Bell in the 1st round in standard scoring league…so it’s clearly Bell. But Kamara is one heckuvan exciting player and obviously very promising.

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uh…wtf? Kamara in the 13th round easily for me. Doesn’t even matter format. Could be standard. ppr. half ppr. -5 ppr. Kamara in the 13th is an easy decision.

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I assure you I’m taking Kamara in the 13th round. I was more just saying the thought of keeping Bell has to cross your mind, but i’m most certainly keeping Kamara…and potentially drafting my released Bell in the 1st haha.

I sure like Kamara way more, but for this year it is Bell for me. Bell is still a football talent to be reckoned with. Kamara looks it, but one year is not as much as Bell’s repeated output. Plus, I (like many) expect Bell to be ground to dust this season with PIT which should only make his potential through the roof.

Year over year moving forward, though, it is Kamara for me.

Ease your mind and take Kamara in the 13th. Seriously.

OH! Sorry! I missed your follow up. Hope you catch Bell in the draft :slight_smile: