Who do you take between Greg zuerlein and harrison butker ROS

Who is top 5 kickers ROS?

I would choose Butker. I have seen the rams go for it too many times on 4th down to be as consistent as butker


The real question is , M.Badgley from LAC or Butker

What @Fobbyp said is the main thing to keep in mind here concerning Kickers!!! It doesn’t matter at this point which team has the better kicker…at this point in the season…you have to consider who is expected to have to rely on their kicker to pull them out. (which as @Fobbyp said…is usually NOT gonna have to happen with LAR)

In other words…if the team is down and relying on the kicker to get them a FG to get them ahead and possibly win them the game by a FG.

So…if a team is expected to be fighting tooth and nail in a game…you may have to consider that their kicker is the one they’re gonna be relying on to pull them out!!!

Sooooo……I reckon to help in this decision…….you have to weigh the matchups vs your other players to help in your decision on this.

LOL…I know that prob didn’t help much huh??? :smirk:

Either or will be fine. Both great offenses, both rely heavily on their kickers. I choose Greg because I’m a Rams fan but it’s really a coin toss

Greg Zuerlein

I love consistency and with Greg, he’ll get you a guarantee 10+ points every week. Rams are always going to score so you know they’re not going to be behind most of the time and abandon FG’s for TD’s. They’re also very effective moving the ball so they’re not going to go three and out most of the time.

Rams usually do not go for 4th downs if they’re on FG range. The only time I saw them actually go for it was against the saints on their 30 yards which they even admitted was a mistake since it swung the momentum.

This wouldn’t really be conversation topic if Greg didn’t miss 5 weeks as he would have been the #1 kicker in fantasy all formats.

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To be honest about Butker, it’s not worth it.

I still rather have him but KC doesn’t kick field goals, they kick point after Touchdowns. Not that I am trying to contradict myself but I know KC will score. So in a game where maybe the score is 35-9. Butker would only get me 5 points.

Yes I’m being greedy and want all the points possible!

I replaced dan baily with butker. should I replace butker with M.Badgley?

Nah, kickers are so up and down and you can’t predict them. Although…KC plays Oakland this week. You might get 7 points from 7 TDs… I was just comparing Badgley’s numbers and Butkers. Butker’s looks way better since he’s played all year. I just think that Chargers might have a little harder time punching it in resulting in kicker points.

We can throw theories left and right but Butker is an automatic kicker in a team that scores a lot.
If you have him already, just keep him.

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