Who do you take in PPR? Gronk or Fitz

I am in a 14 team keeper league that allows 2 keepers. My keepers are AB for a 1st and Kamara for an 8th.

I have the 1st pick in the 2nd round and am hoping that either Mixon or McKinnon drops to me. If both are taken, the next best rb’s are Ajayi and Drake, both of which i think would be overvalued at that pick.

So I think I would be left with the decision of Gronk or Larry Fitz/TY HIlton.

Who would you take in this position if the RB’s are gone?

I’d go Gronk, you’ve already got a stud WR lined up, and having the #1 player at 2 positions gives you a great way to stand out in a crowded league

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i like Gronk too. Your keepers are anchors, and if you can get the top TE then you’re sitting pretty

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