Who do you think won this deal?

Mike Evans and Juju for Keenan Allen and Kerryon Johnson? PPR League…

Keenan and Kerryon based on everything going on this year. JuJu has a 3rd string qb throwing to him now and low upside. Winston’s deep shots are going down and Evans doesn’t have a chance now. Feels like Arians might be tamping down on Winston’s turnover tendencies.

@masslfe I agree. I’d much rather have Keenan and Kerryon RoS. Those two are more or less consistent with great ceilings. Mike Evans showed what he can do but he is completely volatile.

yea i agree with the others, I like the Keenan/ Kerryon side better.

what do yall think of this trade??

I’m no the same boat, but I wouldn’t give up McLaurin for a one week replacement. I would just pick up your best option at TE on waivers and just roll with it.