Who do you want for QB this week?

I’m interested in which QB you would start this week. Outside of the 3 weekly starts (Brady, Wentz, & Wilson), who would you trust? Do any of the “lower” QB’s make the cut (McCown, Keenum, Dalton, Bortles, etc).

this Jets offense is making plays and winning on the road. I like McCown as to continue doing well. Maybe not as a good as the last 2 weeks but still better than say Dalton or Bortles. Keenum is solid as well and will produce against a decent Carolina defense.

I agree. Mccown is a power play this week. I’m playing him over Goff this week. I’d also look at Derek Carr, the chiefs have been exposed this year and yet won’t make the playoffs. Kirk cousins puts up consistent numbers, if expect him to do the same even if they’re going to lose the game. Depending on their injury, Stafford and Prescott should both also have a good game. Lastly I’d gamble on Jimmy G taking advantage of the Texans.

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