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Who else had a great thursday game?


I had Big ben, Juju and C.Mcaffrey


I had McCaffery, Connor and juju :muscle:t3:


I needed a great start my opponent has Gurley, and T.Hill


Dude in my league had Cam, CMC and AB. 69.6 point lead lol


Booty scooten to a lead nice


Conner and Juju, but I was already expecting to outscore my opponent by a significant margin


I had Brown and my opponent started the Carolina D/ST and Gano against me. It’s always nice when your opponent starts with -6 on Sunday.


I feel bad for your opponent


My opponent is undefeated, playing Gurley, Michael Thomas and Zach ertz… just glad I got this good start haha hoping to Give him a loss :fist:t3:


Only had CMC but easily my best Thursday game


Had conner and CMC. I wanted more from conner haha


Started Big Ben after deliberating all day over him or Wentz. Glad I went Big Ben now, nice 50 point start even though he has Goff at QB


i started Cam…

14 points in full ppr, screw all you steeler’s owners :smiley:


</3 lol
At least Cam will do well in the playoffs.


I played Big Ben over Goff I feel it was the better decision.


I was expected to win by 20. I have connor he has Ben. we are now basically expected to tie.