Who else is going down to the wire on MNF?

Locked in the win and headed to the playoffs with my win this week…


Our league awards $200 to the overall points leader. After yesterday our point totals look like this…

Rival #1: 2004.5
Myself: 2003.4
Rival #2: 1994.4

Rival #1 has Jordan Reed (please don’t play!)
I have Adrian Peterson (please play!)
Rival #2 has Golden Tate (please lay an egg!)

Who else has some huge MNF implications on the line??

I’m playing for the 6th and final playoff spot in one league… I’m currently ahead by 19 pts. My team is done, my opponent still has Ertz. I should be okay, but Ertz is really good so it’s certainly no lock. Washington has been pretty good against TE’s and hopefully they will be tonight!

Good luck to ya!

Good luck to you! Ertz is a tough one, he certainly can go off. But I’m leaning toward this game being a bit of a low scoring slugfest.

In one league I was down 30 going into last nights game and I had AB, Allen & Ertz left. I won that matchup.

My other league I’m up 20 with no one else left to play. My opponent has Ertz and Josh Adams tonight, I don’t have a change unless they both lay an egg. If I lose I’ll be in a three way tie for 1st, if I win I’ll be outright first. I have most points scored so I should have the tie breaker too.

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I need ertz to have less than 16 points to win 100$ for the most points for.

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I also need Ertz to flop. I’m up by 6 with my Jordan Reed against his Zach Ertz. Winner of the game goes to the playoffs, loser cries alone in the dark.


Wow, can’t believe I survived! Now in sole position of 1st place.


Congrats man, a nice payout for points scorer. Good job.

I lost my 1st place bye this week. But thankfully the guy in 3rd(who had a 2-0 head to head record over me) lost to the last place team this week, so I hung onto 2nd overall place at 9-4 and got the bye woohoo

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Bye’s are everything, nicely done!

Won by 1.3 points, unreal.

Was holding my breath the last five minutes hoping Tate didn’t get one more catch (literally that’s all it would have taken seeing as AP was benched in favor of Thompson).


Won by 6! Was 3-6, won 4 straight, now 5th seed for the playoffs! yay!

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