Who else is riding the Lindsay train tonight?

Let us all join together in hope for a Christmas miracle to the Championship.

Im on this train… Im Team Lindsay LETS GET THAT CHICKEN DINNER BABY!!!

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I need a historical game from Lindsay to take home another title. Like 35+ points basically. Hope he repays me for being the conductor of the Lindsay hype train since week 1.

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I need Lindsay not to lose 5 points.
Good luck to All.
Lindsay is a great play tonight.

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Bro I made a trade for him after week 2 because I believed in him when everyone said it was Royces backfield… He hasnt let me down all season and if anyone is going to save my season its gonna be my dude Phillip… Its Christmas and I believe in miracles, I believe its gonna happen boys…

WE GOT THIS, I BELIEVE… Merry Christmas fellas I hope yours is going as good as mine :facepunch::smiley::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

I’m a Lindsey fan, grabbed him when he was a nobody earlier this year. Hope he wins it for whoever is playing him. The team where I picked him up is out of the running unfortunately.


Need Lindsay to outscore Jalen Richard’s


As game time gets closer my anxiety rises haha I believe in lindsay

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I need Lindsay to not score more than 42pts tonight, if Denver’s D gives me a Zero.

Now that would be a miracle haha

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sorry guys, rooting against Lindsey with everything in me because im up by 11 with no one else to play and my opponent has lindsey.


merry christmas guys

I just need 2 more points

He doesn’t look very good. Glad I only needed like 5 points from him. Goodness

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Literally needed about 4 more carries… oh well next year. Shoulda listened more to the trend of his/denvers recent crap performances.

Man so close

I played Lindsay over Damien Williams, though I was quickly losing confidence in Lindsay. Denver’s offense isn’t the same without Sanders and Lindsay gets a lot more attention from the defense.

I didn’t see the game tonight, but that’s what I think has been going on and I’m not at all surprised that Lindsay laid another dud.

Won by a hair haha

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Stat correction might be coming he didn’t get credited for that rumbling for 11yd he ran for

Was that in the first half? I didn’t watch the game, but saw a discrepancy between his score on Yahoo! and his boxscore on ESPN.

1st half Keenum sort of fumble it and lindsay picked up and ran