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Who else was a STEP AHEAD WITH HUNT!


I picked up ware about 5-6 weeks ago and also Malcom brown , Gus Edwards and Josh Adams I’m the Hunt owner and decided a few handcuffs would be nice !!
Now my lineup is
Philip Rivers/ keenum
A.Kamara/J Adams/G. Edwards/Malcom Brown/Mike Davis
OBJ/Stefon Diggs/MVS
Bal/Ten DST


I was a step ahead by trading Hunt + Hilton for CMC just before the trade deadline this past Tuesday.


That owner is DONE. Wah wah wah


I’m the Gurley owner and was the Kupp owner. So…yeah…I now have Brown and Reynolds. Also snatched up Gus.

Mine is:
Gurley, A Jones, Chubb, Coleman, M Brown and Gus
Dav Adams, Evans, Lockett, A Miller and Reynolds

Holding Bills this week (might be an idiot…but…doing it)


I HAD the Zeke owner convinced to trade me him for Hunt on Tuesday… BUT talked himself out of it over night. I did pick up Ware after waivers ran on Wednesday morning. :smirk:


I only grabbed Ware today, in large part because this forum was the first place I saw the story (great update system espn (sarcasm) ). The only player I handcuffed on my roster was Ekeler for Gordon. I grabbed Reynolds before the Kupp owner could and had Chubb since the draft. Handcuffs are legit and are going to make or break seasons for Gordon and Hunt owners who did or didnt get their handcuffs. Big ups to the Forum for being the first place where I saw the news.


Well said. And most “seasoned” FFB players know how valuable that thought process can be.

I drafted both Gurley and Kupp. Once Kupp went down I tried to be the first to snatch up Reynolds. Granted…he’s been sitting on my bench ever since, but…I wasn’t taking the chance. Gotta move FAST!!!

Just grabbed up Brown a few weeks ago…but…again…one of the keys to FFB is staying one step ahead of the game and your competition.


I drafted Ware in both of my leagues, one has a deep bench so I was able to stash him, the other I picked him back up immediately.

The league with the deep bench, I am fighting with the team that has Hunt for the last playoff spot (2 teams from each division, 12 team league) Needless to say, that other team is not pleased with this situation. I’m just glad I held on to Ware this whole time, it could potentially be the lottery ticket I hoped for to get to the championship. Still a lot of work to be done to get there though…


Getting handcuffs is as much about protecting your own assets as it is keeping good players, even if they’ll never make your lineup, away from other teams. Reynolds will probably never play for me, but more importantly he’ll definitely never play for the Kupp owner.


Yep now ive got:

Chubb, Lamar Miller, Howard, Ware
AB, Hopkins, Mike Evans, Edelman
Olsen, Brate


I grabbed Brown and Samuels to handcuff Gurley and Conner this week. I then dropped Samuels the moment I saw the Hunt video and grabbed Ware. The Hunt owner in our league just now got LF back after him missing most of the season.


Lucky you buddy. I went to check out my line-up to see who I wanted to drop to grab Ware…made my decision…went to the Player page and Ware was gone!!! BAM…the Hunt owner in my League got Ware 2 seconds before I could!!! DADGUMMIT!!! (Had just checked it a minute before and Ware was STILL there!!!) Talk about a BEAT to the finish!!! :roll_eyes:

LOL…sent him an email that said…“you’re lucky buddy…you came THIS close to missing out on Ware!!!”

He didn’t answer!!!:smile:


Hunt owner here who panicked early about my assets and stashed Ware away on my bench since week 8 lol!
I did drop him for one weekend as I needed a kicker for a bye week, but made sure I got Ware back immediately after a few days.

Saquon and Aaron Jones are my RB1s now, Ware will have to do his work as my flex.
I don’t think Ware is as good a player as Hunt, but he will have to do.

The value of handcuffs is real this year.


Yeah, picked up both Ware and Brown 2 weeks ago, but had to drop Brown last weekend.

My team is not looking as strong anymore… my 12-0 record means nothing in the playoffs if my players keep failing on me.

Traded away gurley for hunt, aj green and ertz.
(Although green miiiight come back now).
Then I have also lost Kupp.

Also used to have Kamara and Chubb…

So from feeling invincible every week, I now need all my players to step up.

This what I have to defend my title from last year:
D.Adams/Sanders/Green/DJ Moore/Watkins


Bleacher Report sent out a notification less than 5 minutes after the video was released by TMZ and I jumped on Ware immediately.

Highly recommend B/R for their timely news updates! It couldn’t have come at a better time with Fournette, Gordon and Mack going down for me all in one week. :raised_hands: