Who got the better end of this trade/ Did I make a mistake?

So I may or may have not overreacted but I traded Sony Michel and Calvin Ridley for Ju Ju

My RBs: James Connor, Nick Chubb, Aaron Jones
My WRs: Robby Anderson, Dede Westbrook, Jarvis Landry

its a .5 ppr league.

Did I freakout over the week one disappointment or did I do the right thing by getting myself a WR1?

You gave up a lot but did get a WR1 talent. Regardless, I wouldnt freak out.

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No reason to freak out this a legit trade…you are counting on the steelers offense pretty heavily but it cant be worse then week 1 right?

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Only thing that worries me is when they play a good defense Ju Ju might be locked down and other options get a majority of looks. But as a Falcons fan I had to get off of their offense ASAP, especially after the OL injuries.