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Who has higher upside


Who has higher upside: ty Montgomery, ameer abduhhlah, or Keenan Allen?

Full point PPR


Keenan is one of better wideouts in the league when healthy so I have to put him first. Abdullah and Ty is close for me. If Abdullah stays healthy he can a weekly stud. TY is great for ppr especially with Rodgers running the show he will get carries and his catches every week. I’ll give the edge to TY but Abdullah could end up being a beast as the season rolls on


I really want to like Abdullah. I have him in one my leagues bc I feel he could be great. I’m hoping he stays healthy and gets used more and more as the season goes on.

I have to agree with @Mca722 about Ty though. He’s now on RB shape and we know he can catch the ball, so he’ll be a PPR stud for sure.

However, if Keenan Allen can stay healthy longer than a few games, he’ll be a beast.

I’ll have to rank them Ty, Allen, then Abdullah. Allen would be first but his injury risk frightens me.


Like the first guy said, when Allen is healthy he can be a top 10 WR. Especially in a full point PPR league. I have him on a few of my teams.


That’s really tough. Probably Monty or Allen.