Who has Kicker Strategy?

I know that kickers are not everyone’s favorite position, and trying to project kicker success (outside of accuracy) is extremely difficult. I think I have found an easy draft “rule” that ensures your kicker choice has relevance.

Basically, the goal is to target choosing a kicker who can complement your Position Players. If I have Michael Thomas, Josh Jacobs, and Amari Cooper, then I’ll be looking (in the last round) for the kicker from either the Saints, Raiders, or Cowboys. When a Position Player scores a touchdown, the kicker gives it extra, if the position player doesn’t score, or the team’s drive stalls, then I have a a higher chance of salvaging a drive with 3 points from the kicker. Having Greg Zurlein (dallas) would help to raise the floor of starting Amari Cooper. Please rip this strategy apart, or provide your own logic on how you draft kicker.

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Kickers are dumb but I usually just go with higher scoring teams. Or maybe do a deep dive into teams with lower red zone conversion rates

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C.D. Carter (@CDCarter13 on Twitter) writes regularly about kickers and how to project them. He’s a good follow.


I like it :+1:t3:. Obviously grabbing a K on a high scoring offense is the go to but I like your approach here. It’s like any other stack except it’s with a K.

@sam_slaughter much appreciated, ill drop him a follow

@Martdog88 exactly, and if I ever need to switch kickers then I feel like it gives me some structure for approaching the waiver wire.

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