Who has to go?

Don’t have a kicker, so who gets the axe?
My gut feeling is Tevin Coleman.
Here’s my bench…
Snell (also have Conner)
Edmonds (also have Drake)
Darrel Williams (don’t have CEH)
Tevin Coleman
Joshua Kelley
Emmanuel Sanders

This is me bumping the post.

like, you have to drop one of these guys for a kicker?

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Yep. 12-team league voted in a stupid rule of having to start a kicker and defense by 1:00 each Sunday this season. Some of us held extra positions through the week last year by not starting a kicker if we were going to win either way.

that’s dumb. I would trade my way out of snell/conner if possible. Right now, drop darrell

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I think you have the right idea with Tevin Coleman. Shanahan is pretty notorious for using a committee approach. With McKinnon looking good, Coleman could be even more overlooked. Good Luck! :+1:

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I agree. The commish said it created an advantage for us since we were using the kicker spot as an extra bench spot, even though anyone in the league could have done the same thing. Their argument to that was that it would have cleared out waivers too much. I pushed for the all positions to lock at kickoff of their game, but we’re on NFL.com and apparently it does not allow that setting.