Who is better RoS? DJax, Cooks, Aiyuk?

14 Team PPR

So I currently have Djax on my roster. But Aiyuk, Cooks, Snead and Bryan Edwards are available to pick up.

Who would you rather have on your roster?

I’d take snead and edwards out of the equation just because neither of them are primary targets for there QB’s. Aiyuk is interesting as a stash, because as he grows and develops as the year progresses he may command more and more targets, but that’s entirely unknown at this point. Djax is what he is, a boom/bust deep threat for a relatively established QB. Cooks i think has the safest floor of the 3, but it’s too hard to gauge what the pecking order in that offense is yet because we didn’t get too clear of a look in that game 1. I think season long i would rank them Cooks (has a good QB situation) > Djax (biggest boom or bust) > Aiyuk (stash and see). Depends on your depth and what you are looking for from the position, do you need a safe floor? Cooks. Need a home run once in a while? Djax. Can afford to wait and see how they develop? Aiyuk.