Who is buying zeke

Who is buying Zeke? I feel like he has been disappointing with the offense… but as the line gets healthier I can see him doing better. Thoughts?

I’d buy now for Zeke while expectations are so low. Sell that the Cowboys offense is ineffective and although he has volume hasn’t been able to score TDs. I’d trade Tevin Coleman and Tyler Boyd for Zeke or If someone is dumb enough, Tyler Boyd for Zeke straight up. Maybe sell that Boyd is a WR1.

he hasn’t been all that disappointing, its that recency bias lol. He’s still RB9 on the year despite the 5 point performance before the bye. If you can buy low do it!

Buy him, I bought low on him during his bye. Let’s celebrate each Zeke TD together :tada:

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As a Zeke owner, I’d say a smidgen of disappointment. I didn’t drat him as 6-10, but 1-5 back. However, it’s doubtful he finishes as RB8-10.

as a DJ owner, you coulda done worse


My buddy really has it bad. He has to be the only Gurley owner with a losing record (3-5). We have a keeper league and he choose to keep Gurley because Der, and choose Bell with his first pick. Then traded Bell away for Fournette and Freeman.

that kinda blows but coulda been worse. at least fournette had a half decent week 1 lol. At this point I’d rather have fournette over bell though personally.
My Rb draft was fire on paper and flamed out real quick. Keeper was kamara, then i went DJ, howard, Lamar miller, and took a late flier on sony. Glad that one panned out lol

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Lol, yeah. I think Im going to go Zero Rb strategy next year. I feel like the RB injury or dud performance is a harder hit than when a WR pans out.

same here my man. i’ve been an rb heavy guy since i started about 4 years ago but i think im going to switch it up finally. this year really showed me that you can get by with just making the right waiver moves with RBs. picked up mack and ekeler myself, others got cohen, conner (flukey), yeldon, white was a real late pick, AP, lindsay off waivers, kerryon late. list goes on and on. Hope it goes well for us :fist:

I think it’s dependent on how your leaguemates are drafting ahead of you. This year everyone was taking all the RBs really early and even reaching IMO on some before looking at WRs. Even though I took Bell with the number 2 pick I ended up with a WRs corps of: Adam Thielen, Mike Evans, Juju, and Sanders. Imo WRs are easier to predict due to smaller injury risks, making them less likely to bust so you can at least use their trade value to create a better roster by midseason.

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So for example… would you rather have M Thomas & Phillip Lindsay or just Zeke? My league is painfully trade averse. Can’t seem to get the most fair deals done

As a former Fournette owner, you could of done worse

Yeah, Zeke is going to be fine. I drafted him for the high floor and I think that still stands. Standard league though, in ppr id feel differently.

I’m in a PPR league, considering the price I paid for him was Mike Evans I think he is doing just fine for my level of investment.