Who is fighting for a PO spot?!

Hey people, so I’m 7-5 and 1st & 2nd place are locked up at 9-3. 3rd and 4th place is a 3 way tie b/w 3 ppl w/ a 7-5 record. It’s going to be a fun next couple of weeks. Any of the top 5 in our league could easily be 1 or 2. I actually have the 3rd most points in our league and the fewest pts against and yet I’m 7-5. Somethings that helped me all came from listening to the Podcast.

The best decision I made are I believe are quite a few, but the best was picking up Ole George Kittle for $15 FAAB. Next would be grabbing Chubb for $50 and Boyd for $9. The worst decision I made was dropping Aaron Jones week 2 to pick up someone I can’t remember now, lol. That or trading Edelman for Dalton when Grappolo went down.

Why does your league look like? What’s been the best decision you’ve made this year to help you make a run for the POs or make the POs? What’s been the worst decision you’ve made?

WOW…your situation sounds almost identical to mine. Our current standings are: 1st and 2nd at 9-3, 3rd is 8-4 (me), 4th, 5th and 6th are 7-5. I’m also 3rd in PF and last (10th) in PA.

Other than getting Gurley in the Draft, snatching up Chubb, A Jones and Truby I think were my best/luckiest decisions/moves. Can’t really think of any decisions that I ABSOLUTELY regretted, believe it or not. (LOL…not yet anyway)!!!

Also drafted Kupp, and Doyle. :cry:

My team:

QB: Wilson - Truby
RB: Gurley, Chubb, A Jones, Tev Coleman, M Brown, Gus
WR: Dav Adams, Evans, Lockett, Reynolds, A Miller
TE: Brate (just lost OJ Howard)

DST: Bills
K: Fairbairn

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I’m currently in 2nd place of my league at 8-4.

1st place - 9-3 (he had a very good draft with Brees+MT+Connor etc.)
2nd place - 8-4
3rd place - 8-4
4th place - 7-5
5th place - 6-6
the other 5 teams are 5-7 or 4-8.

I initially had D.Adams but traded him+Lynch for AB, which seems to have been a pretty even trade thus far, both WRs are doing well but with Aaron Rodgers seeming to slow down, I might have had a steal here with Lynch going on IR early. I also traded Edelman for Aaron Jones which I’m very happy about.

Oh and I drafted Goff + Thielen which have really carried my team this entire year.

There was one week I had the Goff+Thielen+Kupp stack in Week 4…

This alone got me over 100 points in Full PPR league XD

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OK…just thought of prob the best move I’ve made, and that was finding THE CLAN last year!!! :grin: :hugs:

Can’t even begin to account for the amount of incredible advice I’ve gotten here from y’all!!!

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Damn @thomas_man. And I thought the 88 pts I got from the week 11 TNF was incredible. GREAT JOB BUDDY!!!:+1:

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