Who is going to have the better season? Justin Jefferson or Ceedee Lamb?

I need to decide to keep one of these two in an auction league. Similar dollar amounts so it really just comes down to which one will have the better season.

Obviously looking at the rookie campaigns JJ wins, but can he really repeat that with the increased focus of the teams best CB thrown his way every week this year?

Any feedback would be helpful and appreciated?


I think Jefferson. Last season obviously plays a big part in my thoughts here, but also the style of offense. It’s Cool, Jefferson then Thielen and not a lot else. I’m not expecting big volume for Irv Smith or Dede Westbriok.

Cowboys there’s a bit more volume of passing but I think it’s spread a bit thinner due to Zeke, Amari, Ceedee, Gallup and sprinkle in my opinion at least matching Irv TE targets on Dallas too.

Both are excellent choices but if its possible to pick one or other I’ll go Jefferson and be OK with being wrong. Unless his injury continues to linger then I might switch to Lamb.