Who Is Having Fun With Their Roster?

I’m in the playoffs and can’t move for seeding so decided to have some fun.

Saints D. Yeah, I did that last night. And Keith Kirkwood lol. I was expecting both to bomb but both did surprising well.
Kirkwood, he could have done even better but could not haul in a couple other passes.

I may even use the Saints D in the playoffs. They can generate sacks and fumbles as of late. 5 of the last 6 games they have been hot.

Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone else is trying to have fun waiting for the playoffs.

brees, kamara and mt fucking me over 2 weeks in a row isnt quite my definition of fun


You will notice most on this roster are not the draft day darlings or big names you dreamed of having but after 12 weeks and sitting at 10-2 I am very happy.

Matt Ryan/Russell Wilson
A Brown/K Allen/D Thomas/John Brown/Tre’ Quan Smith
4 different kickers…Latest is Janikowski
Chicago Defense…started with Carolina but in week 2 obtained Da Bears

I am the lowest scoring team in the league but with the best record. I am absolutely not confident going into the playoffs but had a great time so far this year

Not even sure MT can be trusted anymore. He’s drawing heavy coverage and Brees doesn’t even look his way in the RZ as of late. MT also drew a couple of PI calls last night. Teams know that is how to beat the Saints, shut MT down and make the supporting class of WR’s and TE’s get it done.

the thing is its not mts fault. if you watched the game he only got a few pis but on every single play he was being held and pushed. unless the saints have a change next week im going to be looking at starting someone else over him

What do you mean by can’t be trusted? I mean he should still be started in every single league I can imagine. I do think we have to come to the reality that his 2017 numbers are more of the norm for him though. He is a safe consistent back end wr1, but won’t get the pure volume to be an elite top 3-5 option most years.

i have him in a standard league and 50 yards arnt good for a wr1. im saying if he is just going to get pied evey play and the saints are feeding him im going to have a hard choice some playoffs

The last two weeks haven’t been good, but I don’t think we can dwell on that. There is no reason to think he can’t bounce back. The few weeks before that he had 80 yards, 211 yards, 70 yards, 92 yards. And 4 touchdowns in that stretch. He is still the lead wr for a top 5 offense in the NFL, and I can’t envision a scenario I would ever bench him for my playoff run.

I am having the same issue with A Brown. MT is in a very similar situation where the QB will throw the ball to 6-8 different targets through out the course of a game. Brown is getting skunked by JuJu and TEs and MT is in a system with the best RB tandem in football who have good hands. I debated benching Brown this week but what we have to do is not get cute. Look at the volume these two WRs get per game. Last night was insane to see MT get shut down by the Cowboys…don’t think that will happen again this season

I dropped Chargers def (going to ride Broncos ROS) and my second kicker (Butker was on bye) and picked up Brown and Samuels to handcuff Gurley and Conner.

Re:M Thomas - I think it’s pretty simple. With no other receiving threats teams have just been like we will take away Thomas-Kamara and try to make the Arnolds and Kirkwoods beat us. It’s been great for the no names since Brees spreads it around to the open guy but it’s hurt the offense as a whole. Smith coming back to form and Marshall getting up to speed should help some.

MT should be able to get open. Other WR1’s do it all they time. He was being held a lot, got a couple of PI calls but that is worthless for Fantasy.

He should be fine though rest of the way. That was a fierce pass D and no way they can win without holding, PI on him. Refs are also looking a little harder at it after last night. It ruins the game and they started calling it in the second half.