Who is my best option for RB2

Looking for my best option at RB.
Jay Ajayi
Joe Mixon
Matt Forte
Marlon Mack
Devontae Booker (on waivers so I’d have to drop someone)

Should I drop Forte for Booker regardless?

In my opinion your best RB2 would be ajayai. And on your second question i would definately drop forte.for booker. With the new offensive coordinator in denver it.would be good to stash booker in case they decide to go to him 100 percent.

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Thanks. I’m concerned with Fortes health as well. I agree, the new coordinator will be bring change. Ajayais workload scares me. He definitely has the most talent. Mixon is getting touches but hasn’t done much…

ajayi and mixon … not high on mixon but against the browns I think you gotta go with him.

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Would you drop Forte for Booker?

I’m not overly concerned with Forte, if you’re PPR, I’d hold onto him. Marlon Mack, while a great talent, is just not being used enough for my liking. I’d rather hold onto Forte. For your first question, I’d roll Ajayi, that offense has more potential.

Sorry forgot to mention it is a PPR.