Who is one player that has made your team great this year?

Comment below!!!


Kamara for me - Free off waivers!


I “liked” you’re post for the greatest handle on the forums.


Carson Wentz, last round pick and has been wonderful.


Drafting hunt in the 11th round


I got him late in drafts as well! Until Ware went down, and Matthew Berry started to tell people what’s up, then I lost that advantage! So, I don’t have him in every league.

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I own Watson in 3/4 leagues that I’m in.

Kamara was also a waiver wire steal.


well when you own Zeke and Lev Bell lets just say your team could almost win on just them two alone


Mine has to be Dak Prescott…consistently the highest score on my team (except for this week…). Got him as a low buy (for Matt Ryan) in a trade that got me Kareem Hunt as well.


LOVE IT!!! Great pick ups!!! Love how the late rounder picks make us look like geniuses! Thanks for commenting guys!!!

Watson in one league, and Hunt in another. Watson a week 3 waiver wire add, and Hunt I drafted in the 12th round (drafted 2 days before Ware got hurt)

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In a 16 man league I took gurley with the 13th overall pick. I got him over ajayi Howard took the gamble of him bouncing back and it payed off

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WOW! Huge pay off there!!! I love seeing these values!

Ajayi to the Eagles. I think this is great news for him.

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I’ve got three.

Gurley in the 2nd

Ertz in the 7th

Kamara in the 15th

6-2 currently top of the league


10 player league “cash”

McKinnon, Fuller, Kamara and Engram all off of waviers- if you really think about it, just wow! These guys are literally saving me after my horrible draft.

Also picked up AP from waviers and traded him for Jones Jr.

My most consistent player from my draft selection all year has been Tom Brady


I think it is bad for Ajayi…he will be splitting with Smallwood and Blount… @MikeSpain IMO. and @corey216 NICELY DONE!!! WOW!!! solid team!!!

Dang you are a master at streaming!!! Waivers are your best friend!!!

But I suck at drafting lol

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HAHAHAHA as they say “Leagues aren’t won at the draft!”