WHo is Playing Breida TNF?!

what title says.

Great matchup, but i dont know!!!

what are your other options

Full PPR


i have CMC and Chubb in my lineup

and theilen and diggs as WRs

I would play Djax or Sutton.

what he said^

Yea i think I need to see 1 more week of breida to have confidence in playing him .


I’d like to, but I’m not brave enough to risk his health. Particularly on a short week.

You would think the coaching staff would have this mindset on a losing season…

F it. Im playing Breida… WISH ME LUCK!

i chickened out :stuck_out_tongue:

In the same boat, I have breida, d-jax, and baldwin in a full PPR and need to sit one…I obviously need to make my decision before kickoff tonight…pretty much for sure going to play jackson so i keep going back and forth between baldwin and breida…any suggestions?

Its hard. I actually have all the players you mentions. I do want to play djax but he has cb named reid who can actually keep up with his speed. I would give baldwin 1 more week to prove himself. Read somewhere he still has the most targets and air yards his past 2-3 games

I would start djax over baldwin RN

I have to choose from breida, djax, stutton, or baldwin

i think i would choose djax out of your 4…Sutton def needs a week to prove it, baldwin hasnt done it all year, and breida, i guess, is just too risky…I’m going to go Jackson and Baldwin especially since its full ppr

Phew I didn’t play him … but mostert injury may increase breidas value? with a mini bye coming up to get healed up… its trending up for breida?