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Who is the better flex start for week 1?


I’m in a 10 team full ppr league with 1-2 point bonuses for 100+ and 200+ rushing/receiving games and 7 points per td. My options are;

Kareem Hunt @ New England
Dalvin Cook vs NO
Martavis Bryant @ Cleveland
Tyreke Hill @ New England

Thanks for the help in advance!


wow! Those are your flex options??
They are all great choices…as a full PPR WR’s will get you great value but you do have 2 RB’s that will be 3-down players. The easiest defensive match-ups would lean my choice to D Cook or M Bryant. I would lean slightly to D Cook.


yea, this league is a bit wonky insofar as QBs and defenses are weighted a little heavier (Russell Wilson avg 30 ppg last season in this format), so I was able to load up on midround talent while qbs started flying.

I was thinking Cook initially as well, but it is difficult not to be all in on Bryant this season!