Who is the most droppable guy?

Breida, Cohen, Mack, Chubb, Boyd, Golladay

If I have to drop one, who should it be? This is all my depth

For me boyd

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Why drop one? Pair a WR with a RB and upgrade a position

That’s what I’m trying to do, but if i can’t pull something off I’m going to need to drop someone.

Ok, then, I’d probably drop a WR. Unless your team is thin at WR, in a vacuum, RB depth is more valuable than WR. With all that said, I’d drop Golladay. He will always have to compete for targets with 2 good WR and Boyd only has to compete with 1

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Bumping this

I wouldn’t drop Boyd as he has a good match up this week. It was just a bad Dalton last week and those happen sometimes.

I’d go Breida. He’s been trying to play through a high ankle sprain and it hasn’t been going very well. It’s probably likely he either has to sit a couple of weeks or is ineffective if he is in there. This past game he played hurt and would be in for a play and then hobble to the side line and then come back later and do the same thing. Do you really want to consider putting that in your line up? Of course not! Just clogging up a bench spot at the moment.

Honestly that’s where I’m leaning also. He seems like a high injury risk right now… I don’t like it though.

Open to other insights