Who is the safest flex play?

12 team ppr
Keenan Allen, DeMarco Murray or Joe Mixon ?
I should win my matchup easily so I just want a safe floor

I guess at this moment mixon

Keenan and Murray both didn’t practice multiple days this week… Most likey it’s just nothing… But who knows.

If Sunday morning I hear kennan is a go… I’d say in PPR he is safer than mixon… But today I’d go mixon

I’ve been leaning mixon all week.
Thanks for your input

I agree that Mixon is the way to go just cuz he is the healthiest of them all and if you want safe that’s the best way to go. Not a great matchup but he should be good for at least 8-10 points.

I’m pretty confident that Allen will be good to do Sunday it’s more his matchup. Denver’s pass defense hasn’t been as good as last year but they are handling #1 wideouts

Yeah fair points for sure. I still think he gets it done but if you want the absolute safest play then you roll with Mixon. I always lean RB when I need the for sure 5-10 points.