Who is the safest pick?

At pick 7 in a non-ppr, who is the best shot at returning top value from the list below:

-M Thomas
-N Chubb
-J Mixon
-J Jacobs

Although this is non-ppr, I only have to start 1 RB and must start 3 WRs!

I would probably take Mixon or Jacobs. CEH could out perform these guys but this is standard so carries are what you should hold as a top priority which Mixon and Jacobs should have in spades barring injury. Not saying CEH shouldn’t, but he is an unproven rookie right now that has a crazy value so if you are going for safe “best shot” picks, Mixon or Jacobs would be your guys. Thomas is the WR 1 right now and he could be a good option especially in a 3 WR league, but he has regression coming his way for sure, there is now way he repeats last year. Plus, there are plenty of great receivers this year which you could hit on in the draft. RBs are scarce this year.

The 3 WR says to grab Thomas hes awosome and super safe

I agree w/ 3WR I’d grab Thomas, assuming he’s even there. I do love a bell cow back but RBs have a higher bust rate than a WR.

Do you have any Flex positions? There’s going to be plenty of RBs on the trade market after the draft too.

I’d be shocked if Thomas is still there at pick 7, but he’s the clear cut choice in my eyes. Especially in a 3 WR league, why wouldn’t you want the consensus #1 WR? If he’s gone by pick 7 (which he should be) i would take Jacobs. He’s the bellcow coming off a pretty successful rookie year and i think he’s only going to improve, second choice probably Mixon due to the high volume of carries.

We do have one flex where we can start a RB/WE/TE. My guess is Thomas will still be there due to recent drafts. If hes gone though that should leave me Henry, Cook, or Kamara and im snagging one of those 3!