Who is Worth Playing on TNF Tonight?

I’ve got Lynch, Hill, and Cooper all available for tonight. Right now I’m leaning toward starting Lynch as my RB2 and Hill as my WR2. Leaving Cooper on the bench until I see something positive from him (although I am starting him in another league). Thoughts on how Lynch and Hill should perform tonight? Raiders and Chiefs fans, how do these matchups usually play out?

I feel like you can’t trust cooper. Im in the same spot with Lynch and im praying he sneaks in for a TD. Hill is definitely worth playing, Lynch if you have to, and I wouldn’t touch cooper again until he proves himself.

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I am starting Carr and Cooper tonight (not super pumped about it) but I just acquired Cooper in a trade so i’m gonna let it ride that tonight is the night he gets it back together. I have this feeling that this game will be a big one and high scoring (hoping). I’m not a huge Lynch fan though, but if he is all you have go for it.

I’m starting Lynch as my RB2 and flexing Anderson right now. Would you slot Duke Johnson Jr. in over either of them? I feel like Lynch gets that goal line TD tonight. Dunno why, just feels like the regression starts tonight.

Lynch out, Coop in!