Who is your number 1? and TE draft question. ty

WIth zeke hold out not looking good. he was my original #1

Who is yalls number 1 now if you had to choose. FULL PPR.

-ALSO!! is kittle worth getting in the beginning of 3rd round? I want Kelce but probably wont get him at the 2.10 round. is getting kittle at the 3.1 a good choice? or should I wait for other TE’s

oh and I have CHUBB as keeper.

Barkley 1, CMC 2

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for me im leaning CMC 1 Barkley 2. but im not upset going either way, thats just a preference thing.

as for kittle, for me no its not worth it. i would just much rather build depth at the 2 big positions. RB and WR.

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any other input? thnx

I’d lean CMC, though I also couldn’t fault you for taking Kamara #!

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Cmac. Had him last year never let me down. He’s the entire offense. He is on the field every single down. Love him

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Barkley CMC and Kamara are 1A and 1B and 1C. Prefer CMC slightly cause better offense.

Regarding Kittle, if you asked me a month ago, I would’ve said yes. But as of late, Engram has moved into my TE3 slot right behind kittle and wouldn’t surprise me if he outscored kittle this season. And considering you can get Engram 2-3 rounds later, I’d rather get him. Even if you have to reach 1 round early and snag WR/RB talent in R3 instead of kittle.

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What happens if Engram ends up having a rookie at QB half of the season? That’s my main concern with him, even though sometimes that’s good for TE production. Engram is currently setting up to get off to a fantastic start though.

Definitely a valid risk but end of the day, rookie still has to throw to someone and can we really at this point say DJ would be that much worse than ELi? I can’t. Eli been bottom of the league for the better part of the last half decade. And I’m betting on Engrams talent. Kittle did what he did last year with Mullens and CJ beathard. Volume + talent cures all.

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where would you put zeke in that group if he does come back

If zeke plays, prolly 1.01.

Zeke would be an easy call for me at 1.01 if he plays. Given the choice of the other three, I personally would probably go CMC>Barkley>Kamara. Full PPR makes me lean CMC.

As far as TE, I’m probably not drafting Kittle or Ertz at 3.01. There’s tons of good RB/WR talent there. If this is a 3WR league or 2 FLEX full PPR, a stud WR will have more value there. You’ll probably be looking at someone like Brown, Hilton, Evans - all of which I think have more full PPR benefit than Kittle.

This. I’ve heard this talking point over and over this offseason and I don’t get it at all. Why are we worried about Eli getting the hook? Maybe people haven’t noticed, but Eli is really, really bad at this point in his career. I think there is actually reason for optimism that Daniel Jones could be an improvement over Eli. And as far as Engram goes, the conventional wisdom is that rookies tend to overly focus on their te as a safety blanket. So yeah, I have zero concerns about the benching of Eli Manning.