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Who many leagues are you in?


Im curious about this one, im in 4 leagues this season and sometimes i get a bit overwhelmed managing all 4 teams, because 2 of this 4 leagues are really competitive and i 4-1 in both, but the other 2 im 2-3 and 1-4, maybe im giving too much atention the my “main” leagues?
Anyway, i was thinking, who many team do you guys manage? How many are too many for you to handle? I’ve seen guys who have over 10 leagues, and guys who prefer to focus on one…


It’s not enjoyable to me at all if I have more than 3. You can’t really give it your best with that many leaues in my opinion if you are also working or going to school full time. If it is your job that is obviously different. I am in 2 competitive leagues, and that is perfect to me. Maybe add 1 dynasty league. I prefer the heavier exposure to be in best ball leagues, and smaller number of redraft leagues.


thats has been my feeling as well, i think 2 is enough to be really focused on managing a good team