Who’s going to score higher bills vs Detroit or bal vs TB

Streaming DST?

Two great streaming defenses I’d roll with the Ravens at home against a turnover prone Jameis Winston.

It’s one to watch though, if Stafford is out this weekend Bills could be the number one play on the week and worth a pivot

I picked up the Bills. They’ve played defense very well at home this year. Even if Stafford plays, he is injured. He’s a tough dude but his wear and tear is starting to show. I didn’t have the Ravens as an option though.

Would anyone here play the Bills over the Broncos? Have the option to swap the Bills in don’t know if it’s a good play!

I would more than likely. The Browns have looked much better recently and I think their offensive hot streak continues. The Bills are playing a depleted Lions with an injured Stafford. Don’t get me wrong though as I think the Broncos D has a potential to make some big plays, but the Bills have a safer floor I feel.

That’s my concern with Denver as well, could make plays but they are banged up and I wouldn’t be shocked if the Browns went in there and get the win to be honest.

As a flip side just to get another view, as the Bills are depleted on offense and talent poor anyway would you give any thought to the Lions DST? Or just roll with the home better D in a likely snow game, possible vs a back up QB at some point

Yeah I think the Bills have been playing better lately with Allen so it’s a crap shoot with the Lions DST. I’d take the home team D solely for the floor since the Lions are in a tough spot. I’m playing against a dude with the Jags so I’ve had to put some thought into this as well and am hoping it works out lol. The Bills were the best option I had though. All other Ds are taken as many teams in my league are rostering 2-3 Ds for no reason other than to play keep away lol.

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As of right now, slightly wishing I’d just taken the points from Denver lol.

Yup, terrible call on my part. I also started Four eye over Dalvin Cook…

Yikes! I’ve played Cook and Mixon who bailed me out big time, had a goose from Rosas as well at kicker but now onto win just need my Ertz to keep his Josh Adams in check and i should be fine.

Man I wish I’d had the onions to play the Falcons DST… should have trusted the matchup!

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