Who’s YOUR guy for 2020?

So I’d imagine we’re getting closer and closer to the footballers doing their my guy segment for the year which made me think… who’s YOUR guy for the upcoming season? Someone maybe others are unsure of or that you think is due for a huge breakout.

Who ya got??

preston wilson…i am getting my shares of him whichever team i draft…just believe in the talent…and a good possibility when tua is starting ( might not be until week 3-6)…preston wilson could thrive…


Kenyan Drake. I believe him to be this years Dalvin Cook. He’s so talented when he has the opportunity and Arizona will fianlly get him that. Also, there’s no way to stack the box on Arizona.

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Brandin Cooks. Who else can you draft so late who is still in his prime and has 4 of 5 season over 1000 yards. Only missed 2 games even with his injuries. So many vacated targets with D-Hop gone and a deficit of health, age, or talent around him. So much upside at so much a low cost idk how everyone doesn’t wanna draft him.

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Mine is more of a later round guy.

Emmanuel Sanders, He has been always undervalued honestly. I just think him with drew brees will be great. Finally someone who can take the top off the defense. Plus you can get him late enough where it won’t hurt so bad if i’m wrong.

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