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Who shoud I keep?

Superflex League - Half PPR - 10 teams - (No DEF and no K)

1 - QB
2 - RB
3 - WR
1 - TE
1 - Flex
7 - bench

Who should I keep? (2 keepers)

Tyreek Hill at (round 3)
Miles Sanders at (round 8)
Kyler Murray at (round 13)
Mark Andrews at (round 16)

I think that Miles at 8 and Kyler at 13 is my best bet, but Mark at 16 is a great value.

What you guys think?

I think you have it right. Andrews is nice but unless it’s TE premium, I would stick with your gut and take the RB and QB(because of super flex). Also the value on those guys is really good.

Sanders is the obvious call.

You can’t go wrong with any of the other three in my opinion. But I would probably take Kyler as well.

Sanders and Andrews for me.

In a 10 team SF, you will find QB. Kyler is no more guaranteed then what will be available to you late in the draft.

I’m with this all the way…Sanders and Andrews are get value picks here…

Hill for a 3rd is great value and Sanders is too