Who should I cut (AP, Tua, or Higgins)?

I ended up holding off on drafting a defense to give myself more time to hold on to some of the rookies, build some depth, and think about keeper options (allowed two for the following year). Who should I drop in order to start streaming defenses?

Obviously, I would love to hang on to Tua to see if he can get the starting job after week 1.

I would also love to see what Higgins does if AJ Green doesn’t come back healthy.

Ultimately, I guess I realize it’s down to Higgins, Tua, and AP and just looking for some help on the decision and thoughts

I think even if Tua wins the job after week 1, he’s never going to start over Jackson so why keep him if not just for bye weeks? The league looks pretty deep, is everyone carrying 2 QB’s or do you have people you can stream?

My second choice would be AP. just based on your starters he’s not going to crack your roster and is more of a floor player than a ceiling, and at depth you really are looking for that ceiling. Keep Higgins, never know what kind of chemistry could happen there.

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Definitely have QB’s to stream. I agreed with you on dropping Tua. Thanks for the advice.

You can drop all three of them safely.

AP for sure