Who should I cut?

I don’t have a kicker at the moment and won’t get one until after the 1:00 games end on opening Sunday (almost all the late game kickers are on waivers). I’m waiting to see how they all play that day. I can’t get rid of Ekeler either cause I have Melvin and I can’t let go of such a valuable handcuff. Right now, I’m thinking James White will be the odd man out. My starting lineup has Melvin, Fournette, Alex Collins, Julio, JuJu, and Doug Baldwin (2 Flex Spots)

By the way, 0.5 PPR and a 10 team auction draft.

What dont you send out some trade offers instead of cutting a player?

Maybe James white. I would stay tuned to the news about Burxhead and Michel to see if any one of them is expected to miss more time than expected, which might be the case for Michel. If that’s the case, White might have stand alone value after the first week and could be someone you can use versus a replaceable piece like Cole.

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I put a few feelers out there, but nobody wants to give much for two late round picks. Most of these guys are stashes until a few weeks into the season.

That’s another reason I’m waiting til after the 1:00 games to make a decision. Most of these guys play at 1:00, so I’ll see a lot by the time the 4:00 games kickoff.