Who should I draft first overall?

I’ll get straight to the point. I play in 3 leagues. Got lucky and have 1st overall pick in 2 of them. I took Saquon at the 1.01 last Saturday in the first year of a new keeper league. My other league is a re draft but I still have the 1.01, I am tempted to take CMC so that I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket, but Saquon is so hard to pass on. What does everyone think? My third league I have Zeke if that makes any difference. I’m thinking by going with CMC I will have a different stud RB on all my team’s. What does everyone think should I go saquon or McCaffrey? Am I overthinking this? Thanks everyone!

I’d want Saquon, and then you don’t have to cheer for people who may be playing against you with CMC in one league while you also have CMC in another league.

I’m in the Kamara camp personally. He is a TD machine on a great offense. I do think Barkley amazing, but Kamara just doesn’t have the mileage on his body and this year I do think he gets even more work than the previous 2

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I do like the idea of not having to root for a guy who I might be playing against somewhere else. Kamara would be a great option too though, spreading out the wealth at RB is appealing so that if I count on one guy too much and he gets hurt or has a bad game then I don’t lose in two different leagues

I agree with Kamara mostly for security. You know exactly who he is and how the Saints use him. Saquon had a fantastic season but the Giants are garbage and they very well might have a QB switch halfway through the season. That might work out better but you just don’t know. With CMC I’m just a little worried about Cam’s health which “shouldn’t” really hurt him either but with the number one pick I try and go safe because you can’t really go wrong with any of the big 3

Honestly cant go wrong with any of the big 3 in Barkley,CMC or kamara. All pretty safe