Who should I drop? (Dez Bryant)

Regardless of what it looks like I think I’m going to pick up dez bryant just because I have hope that he’ll produce with the saints. However I’m undecided who to drop? I have some decent receivers and can’t decide who I’d like to keep. Any input on who to drop would be appreciated.
I have
Jarvis Landry
Ty Hilton
Amari cooper
Josh Gordon
Kenny golladay
Who should I drop??
Thinking about dropping Ty Hilton but undecided

None, Dez isn’t worth dropping any of those guys. All of those players have proven to have value, while dez hasn’t played in a year.

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I def wouldn’t drop any of those guys. But if you can add him some other way, and make space for him perhaps before games start on Sunday to add back whatever position you dropped in the interim (maybe a Kicker unless you have one of the better ones), then I’d try to make that happen. With Meredith out, this weekend will give us much better insight into how Dez will be incorporated into this offense ROS, if at all. You never know what will happen. And Brees can make any player an immediate impact maker.


Yeah this is crazy talk. I’ll be surprised if Dez makes any impact at all. Dude was washed up last year. There’s a reason no one signed him until week 10.

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