Who should I drop for a K?

I have to drop someone to pick up a kicker before Sunday. Who would you guys drop? For me it’s either Duke, Thompson, or Mostert. Which one is the most expendable?

Damn, I think I’d try to pull off a 2 for 1 trade with your bench RBs. If not, I’d say between Thompson & Mostert. And I’d probably drop Mostert.

I would drop Hock

I would drop Hock too, but if you don’t want to it’s between c.Thompson and D. Johnson,

Thompson or Duke. Both have a similar role in their offense. Hard to start either of them.

I agree Hock is by far the easiest to drop, but with how short the TE market is I am hoping with one or 2 more injuries, or if he has a huge week I can flip him or Walker for a solid WR/RB.