Who should I drop for a kicker?

Which one of my bench players should I drop to fill my kicker spot for week 1. Didn’t draft one. 10 team standard PPR.

tough call. its going to be a WR thats for sure… between Shepard and Keelan Cole… I really like Cole’s upside of potentially being a breakout… Shep we kinda know what your getting. I wouldnt drop any runners.

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This is really tough, but I’d drop Shepard. Don’t do it now though, wait a few more days


Ya. I’m torn between Shepard and Gordon really. I like the potential of Gordon, but don’t like that Tyrod is his QB. To me Tyrods wise receivers haven’t been the benefactors of his talents. Shepard I like that he’s on the opposite side of OBJ and he’s a proven 2. :tired_face: stupid kickers lol