Who should i drop for best depth

Looking to one or some add Lat Murray, John brown, will fuller and moncrief

Potential drops
Jamaal williams
Corey davis(luck in ir spot)
Matt breida
Marquees lee

.5 ppr

Who should i target/drop/keep.

Thanks footclan!

Matt Breida is droppable. I like Will Fuller best here to add.

Appreciate it. Rbs are scarce in this league.

Im lucky to have bell zeke hunt ingram and kamara.

My wr being cooper and hill leave somthing to be desired or streamed. Thanks for the green light on dropping him. Anybody you think would be a better swap? I kinda wanna put a decent bid on murray to force trades to me. Kinda how i got kelce for buck allen and jaquizz.

That is a really good idea with Murray to get something out of him.

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Appreciate all the feedback. I put a solid bid out for Lat Murray. Lets hope it works and i can make some moves before sunday.

Well ended up getting murray.

Packaged cooper and murray for julio jones because the jones owner needs a win. :smile:


Sweet, nice!

Potential drops

Jamaal williams - ty going to be back and jones looks fresh so droppable in my mind

Corey davis(luck in ir spot) - mariota injury decker and davis struggle - drop

Matt breida - keep as Hyde gets injured all the time

Marquees lee - bench depth - no 1 WR