Who should I drop for Gio? And how much should I bid?

I am in a 12 man full-point PPR. I am trying desperately to patch up a team that I drafted Le’Veon on and had to auto-draft the last half of the draft. I desperately need a RB to fill in for Gio.

I’ve spent quite a bit of money on FA’s already since the CPU drafted a bunch of bums for me. I have $63/$100 left.

I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks guys. Current roster:

Dion Lewis
Alfred Morris
Matt Breida
Corey Clement

My WRs are:

Michael Thomas
Odell Beckham
John Brown
Ryan Grant
DeSean Jackson
Phillip Dorsett

TE: Ricky Seals Jones & Wiss Gissly

QB: Big Ben, Wentz

Well, I’m not a fan of having multiple QBs and TEs.

I would probably package a QB/TE and Morris or Dorsett (or John Brown — but ask for more) and see if you’re able to get someone like a J Howard.

You need to look at players you want to target and see what that team needs in order to accept your trade.

Good call. I have until Wednesday so I’ll send some offers out.

Normally I don’t keep two TE’s or QB’s but my guys suck and the wire is thin in this league.