Who should I drop for Larry Fitzgerald?

10-team Standard League
Here is my Bench

  1. Miles Sanders
  2. Marvin Jones JR
  3. Adrian Peterson
  4. Justin Jackson
  5. Devin Singletary
  6. MVS
  7. Kyler Murray (I have P. Mahomes and David Johnson and don’t want anybody to have Kyler)

I’m thinking about dropping Devin Singletary

Just don’t keep Fitz

Can I at least have an explanation as to why you wouldn’t keep him? I Feel like he has a good chance with Kyler to produce FLEX numbers this year

I like all the other guys more. Unless you drop Kyler for him. But if Kyler is the real deal you could maybe trade him for not value than fitz if he’s not you drop him and for a hopeful RB breakout to put in your flex. If Kyler comes out early and is a stud people will be all over him in trades

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