Who should I drop for streaming def this week?

Who to drop for my streaming defense this week? I really don’t want to play Denver DEF this week against the Chiefs. Cincinnati is on the waiver wire so I want to pick them up… do I drop Denver (who’s been very underwhelming this year) or should I keep them and drop Pryor or Dion Lewis?

I wouldn’t be completely against dropping Denver depending on the other DST’s available in your league. Denver has a rough schedule coming up. I would pick up Cincinnati for sure, and maybe look to see if there is another good DST out there as well and drop Pryor. Or drop Pryor and stash a Corey Davis or Woodhead or even a Marqise Lee or someone who will give you some sort of production. Hold on to Dion Lewis! he has potential to become a weekly start, possibly an RB2. Last time he was full health he was a fantasy stud, and hes been getting increased snaps and rushes every week. Commitee might soon go from 4 to 2 with Lewis and White, Lewis being the better moving into playoffs IMO


On that same note, would you start Lewis over Doug Martin this week?