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Who should I drop in order to pick up RSJ?


What’s up FootClan! 12 Team PPR redraft league. I drafted Trey Burton as my TE1, but want to pick up and stash Ricky-Seals Jones as a backup/trade bate for later in the year. Who should I drop from my bench in order to pick him up: 1. Sterling Shepard 2. Tyler Locket 3. Ryan Grant 4. None of the Above

Thanks for the help!


Personally I wouldn’t even roster 2 TE so I would vote None of the above


I think the value of all of the players you listed currently exceeds him (Grant being a fringe case) based on potential upside.
That said, any of those players breaking out would exceed what I think RSJ’s ceiling might be. You would likely never play RSJ over those guys if they pan out in a flex either. Theres such a big drop from the elite TE’s to the mid tiers to the fliers due to weekly variability that holding sleeper tight ends doesnt seem worth it to me.


In my opinion, i would not drop anybody. for me, for most of the footclan, and our fearless leaders… rostering 2 tight ends is a no no. While i like Seals Jones (took him at the very end of my draft) even if he does break out, i dont think his value exceeds the rest of your bench. You already have Trey Boo Boo who is pretty much a weekly set and forget starter as of right now. i wouldnt think too much about RSJ right now… and if he does start trending towards a breakout or explodes week one. then deal with this issue then.


FootClan coming in clutch. Thank you to the three that responded to my question. Defintely, helped answer my question, and I am going to rock with what I got for now, and leave ASJ to the wolves.


None of the above. You don’t roster 2 TEs. Especially a deep sleeper like RSJ, even as trade bait. Shepard is going to be good this year. People are sleeping on him just because of Engram and OBJ. But Shepard is a field stretcher from the slot. Shurmur loves using slot receivers. See Thielen. Shepard > Thielen talent wise if he can stay healthy.

Locket is the #2 with Baldiwn injurred in front on a team that is going to be awful and has no run game. They also just signed him to 3 year extension.

Ryan Grant is the #2 on a Luck led offense. They may start slow, but I expect him to be productive as a WR3/flex play. Grant was excellent in the redzone last year and the colts have no red zone weapons. Grant putting up 8-9 TDs is a very realistic outcome.

Rostering 2 TEs or 2QBs in single TE/QB leagues is just wasted roster space. Don’t be the sucker that does it.