Who should i drop ? Jefferson, Toney, Rodgers

.5PPR , Dynasty 12 man league.
i need to drop a player for a defence ,
i’m debating between Van Jefferson, Amari Rodgers and Toney . i have a big surplus at WR.

Is nobody showing interest in trading for any of them? I would probably drop Toney but hopefully you can find someone who gives you not nothing for one of them. I’d be prepared to accept even couple dollars faab.

Rodgers appears to be the pretty clear option there. Jefferson is already starting alongside Woods and Kupp, and Toney is a speed receiver on a team that desperately needs WR talent.

The Packers already have an A Rodgers…

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i’ve been trying to trade them but I’m out of luck… also debating on dropping hooper but I’m banking on his value to go up again this year

It’s not like anyone’s going to rush out to scoop him up if you drop him; he’ll still be there for you on waivers if you ever change your mind.

ended up by dropping Van Jefferson lol I’m regretting now.